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Create Day – Rich Red Vase

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Rich Red Vase

Here’s how this vase got created:  My friend Moses sends me a message saying “I love your Raspberry Ripple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Vase! I am thinking… red and pink”!   

I answer “I have a beautiful, really rich red sheet of glass right now”.  And the reply is “I love the red colour you just described to me: ‘really rich’.”   And I think “Yay, I get to use that fabulous sheet of glass. So great”.

Rich Red Vase

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Create Day – Strawberry Yogurt Vase


I recently acquired a sheet of glass so beautiful that I didn’t want to cut it up into small pieces.   So I decided to make this vase to showcase it.  The swirls are stunning!  The red nuggets really bring out the reddish swirls, grounding the vase from being too over the top pink.  It is quite romantic.

            Strawberry Yogurt Vase     Strawberry Yogurt Vase    


Create Day – Lilies Suncatcher

Lilies Suncatcher  I’ve been getting a few custom design requests by people who want to give a friend or sibling a stained glass birthday gift. Here is my latest, designed for a sister who is symbolized by the butterfly nurturing and watching over her three children, two girls and a boy (also symbolized by the lilies). She loves lilies and soft pretty colours, so we chose the soft pinks and creamy green for her suncatcher. It is a lovely gift and I am sure she will be thrilled.

Lilies Suncatcher         Lilies Suncatcher