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Stained Glass Mountain Scenery Design

My stained glass is on the front of this house! I love it! Thanks, Charis and Ash!



Stained Glass Mountain Window Design

Price: SOLD

What fun I had last week creating this stained glass mountain design that’s custom-made to fit into a hexagon window that’s up at 2nd story level in a lovely home in the Kootenays.  The  plan is to create a beautiful mountain scene with a focus on still allowing lots of light through the window.   

Stained Glass Mountain Window Design

I’m really pleased with these creative ideas used in this window: the swirly glass in the mountain for an artistic effect, the specially kiln-made forest glass to show perspective and depth, and a glass overlay on the mountain reflection where I needed a darker shade of grey than was available.  I can’t wait to see photos of it in it’s new home.

Stained Glass Mountain Window Design

Stained Glass Mountain Window Design


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