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Stained Glass Flower Window Design

Stained Glass Flower Window Design

Price: $150 BUY NOW!

This stained glass flower window is one of my favourite designs, given its rich colours and smooth, flowing curves.  This is the second time I’ve made this window, and this time I varied the colours for a bit of a softer look with the flower petals.  Stained Glass Flower Window Design

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Things I Like – Stained Glass Flowing Water Window

I just can’t stop looking at this flowing water inspired stained glass window created by Washington artist Isaac Smith.  The streams of blue follow such random but beautiful pathways, reminding me how creaks and streams meander and trickle along, finding their way around rocks and branches and whatever else is present. Talk about simple elegance!
  image of the stained glass window in Liberty Lake

(Every week I post about an interesting pattern or design. If you have an idea that you think I should look at or would like me to make this window for you, send me a note by email or on my contact form.)

Turn your Child’s Art into Stained Glass

Price: $40 BUY NOW!

DSCN2463-2Making this stained glass design has been incredibly invigorating to me. Earlier this year, I created an idea for my online Etsy Shop that people could have their child’s art turned into a stained glass window suncatcher. I know my son was tickled pink when I turned his artwork into stained glass (click to see his art), so I thought that other families might find this to be a rich and meaningful experience as well. 

And now, thanks to Shannon who purchased this idea as a thoughtful and creative gift for her daughter’s grandparent, I got to work with the art her 3-year-old daughter created.  It all came alive to me when Shannon explained why her daughter chose to draw this picture. 

“This is my daughter’s idea of the ocean, beach, a shark and pieces of sea glass and shark teeth on the beach.  She spends vacations searching for these things with my parents. She turned 3 in July and is obsessed with sharks and their teeth.”

Turn your Child's Art into Stained Glass

I love the energy and sense of balance in this drawing. Using my stained glass software, I was able to provide Shannon with some options for her suncatcher design. She chose the design and colours of the middle circular suncatcher.

Turn your Child's Art into Stained GlassTurn your Child's Art into Stained GlassTurn your Child's Art into Stained Glass

And here is the final stained glass suncatcher.  I know that the grandparents are going to adore this gift, and I’m so thankful to have been asked to create art with Shannon’s daughter.

Turn your Child's Art into Stained Glass

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Little Stained Glass Snowman Designs

Stained Glass Snowman Design
I learned a valuable lesson at the craft fair this last weekend: Make loads of little stained glass ornaments to sell at great prices.  I made a couple dozen $2 snowmen for my fair last weekend and to my great surprise, I had a crazy rush  and sold out right away.  Well, that was so much fun that I worked all evening and made a bunch more snowmen for the next day.  Once again, I had such a rush that the snowmen were sold out within half an hour.  There’s nothing like the feeling of having word get out and people scrambling to get to my table fast enough.  What craziness!  Lesson learned:  This week I am going to create a million snowmen for the Victorian Craft Fair at Commonwealth Pool here in Victoria.  If you ordered snowmen in advance, I’ll see you there!

Stained Glass Snowman DesignStained Glass Snowman Design

Stained Glass Snowflake Design

Stained Glass Snowflake DesignThe cooler weather has come and with that in mind, I’m excited to bring these pretty snowflake designs to my Christmas Craft Fair this weekend.  I’ve made them in green and white, as well, but these blue ones are my personal favourites.  They are pretty to hang in the window all through the winter, not just as a Christmas decoration.

Stained Glass Snowflake Design 

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Stained Glass Window Design – Winter Bubbles

Price: $250

Stained Glass Winter Bubbles Design

Stained Glass Winter Bubbles DesignThis stunning stained glass bubbles design (Jello Bubbles) sold last week and when I took it down from my window, I was so pleased to send it to a new home to be enjoyed, but also felt a little secret sadness because I’ve also really enjoyed it. So I spent 18 hours of my weekend joyfully making a new window, same design, but in new colours. I’m so excited to have this window to display at my craft fairs – maybe someone else will fall in love with it, too.

Stained Glass Winter Bubbles Design

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Stained Glass Mountain Scenery Design

My stained glass is on the front of this house! I love it! Thanks, Charis and Ash!


Stained Glass Business Card Holder Design

Stained Glass Business Card Holder Design

And here is my first business card holder design!   It’s going to be so perfect for displaying my cards with my stained glass collection at Christmas fairs in November.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out, the same cute whimsical feeling that I’m trying to create for my table at the fairs.

Stained Glass Business Card Holder DesignStained Glass Business Card Holder Design

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Stained Glass Suncatcher of Lake Louise, BC

Price: SOLD

This stained glass custom design is based on a photo taken of Lake Louise,  a beautiful destination in our BC Rocky Mountains (if you’ve never been to stunning mountains, I highly recommend the trip)!

Stained Glass Lake Louise Design

My friends Damara and Goetz requested this window as a gift for their parents in Germany, as a unique way for them to remember their trip to Canada last year. Did you catch that? My creation is going all the way to Germany! Wow! 

Stained Glass Lake Louise DesignStained Glass Lake Louise Design

I had such a fun time designing this window, especially my favourite part, the little red kayak on the lake.  This kayak is created with reflective mirror-like red glass so that it really sparkles in the light.  Thanks, Damara, for specifically asking for the red kayak! It’s the best!

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Stained Glass Bird Ornament

Price: $6.50 each BUY NOW! Stained Glass Bird Decoration Design


Stained Glass Bird Decoration DesignThese stained glass little birds are the cutest things ever. I’ve created them as my $5 item for my Christmas craft fairs and I just know they are going to bring sweetness to many homes this Christmas. They are so versatile: Perfect as a grouping on the Christmas tree, as little greeting gifts to friends and loved ones, or as unique hostess gifts. These birds will even continue to be beautiful hanging in a window long after the Christmas season is over.

Stained Glass Bird Decoration DesignStained Glass Bird Decoration DesignStained Glass Bird Decoration Design

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