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Little Stained Glass Snowman Designs

Stained Glass Snowman Design
I learned a valuable lesson at the craft fair this last weekend: Make loads of little stained glass ornaments to sell at great prices.  I made a couple dozen $2 snowmen for my fair last weekend and to my great surprise, I had a crazy rush  and sold out right away.  Well, that was so much fun that I worked all evening and made a bunch more snowmen for the next day.  Once again, I had such a rush that the snowmen were sold out within half an hour.  There’s nothing like the feeling of having word get out and people scrambling to get to my table fast enough.  What craziness!  Lesson learned:  This week I am going to create a million snowmen for the Victorian Craft Fair at Commonwealth Pool here in Victoria.  If you ordered snowmen in advance, I’ll see you there!

Stained Glass Snowman DesignStained Glass Snowman Design


Stained Glass Craft Fair – Number One!

stained glass designs blog

I had such a great time selling my stained glass designs at my first craft fair this past weekend!  I met lots of fabulous people (many of whom had great ideas and loads of compliments to share), sold some of my designs (I did a couple happy dances), learned some marketing strategies, and came away feeling tired, but energized and excited to continue on this amazing journey.  Fair Number Two next weekend – here I come!

stained glass designs blog

My First Christmas Craft Fair – Victoria, BC

One week until my first ever Christmas craft fair, here in Victoria at the Strawberry Vale Community Hall!  I’ve been as busy as Santa, creating beautiful stained glass designs and my yellow work room looks a lot like Santa’s workshop!

Nov 5 and 6, 2011
Strawberry Vale Craft Fair
Strawberry Vale Community Hall
11 High St, Victoria BC

Nov 19 and 20, 2011
Victorian Christmas 2011 Craft Fair
Commonwealth Pool, Victoria BC

How exciting! Please come on out to one of these events. My glass always looks way more beautiful in person than on my photos. I’ll look forward to meeting you!