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‘Little Cutie’ in Another Colour – Stained Glass Bird

Price: $6.50 each BUY NOW!

Stained Glass Bird Ornament

Here is my cute little blue bird with a playful green branch.  I just can’t wait to sell these at craft fairs this November!

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Stained Glass Bird Ornament

Price: $6.50 each BUY NOW! Stained Glass Bird Decoration Design


Stained Glass Bird Decoration DesignThese stained glass little birds are the cutest things ever. I’ve created them as my $5 item for my Christmas craft fairs and I just know they are going to bring sweetness to many homes this Christmas. They are so versatile: Perfect as a grouping on the Christmas tree, as little greeting gifts to friends and loved ones, or as unique hostess gifts. These birds will even continue to be beautiful hanging in a window long after the Christmas season is over.

Stained Glass Bird Decoration DesignStained Glass Bird Decoration DesignStained Glass Bird Decoration Design

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Stained Glass Blue Songbird in a Green Tree

Price: $30 BUY NOW!

Stained Glass Song Bird in Green Tree Design

I’ve created a new addition to my blue bird in the circle tree designs.  This stained glass suncatcher features a songbird singing a sweet little tune to cheer us up every day of the week.  The green glass is difficult to describe because it has swirls at different depths in the glass, making it very layered and dimensional.

I’ve also made a version of this suncatcher with pink swirl glass, for those of you that like things a little more girly.  You can click this little pink link  to check that one out on my Etsy shop.

Stained Glass Song Bird in Green Tree Design

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Stained Glass Fused Blue Bird Vase

Price: $60 BUY NOW!

Stained Glass Fuse Vase

This vase is the results of my first time fusing glass.  I previously made this vase using solder only, but it was a bit of a pain in the neck to complete so I thought I’d try the design using fusing instead. The blue bird and black swirls are tack fused onto the white glass background (put in the kiln just hot enough that the two glass surfaces melt onto each other; then they are permanently connected).  Even with an engineering background so that I understand the science of it, I find fusing a bit magical.  Two completely separate pieces of glass end up becoming one forever.

I like this vase because each side is a different design, making this the perfect vase for a changing display. The black swirls are continuous, they flow from one side of the vase to the next, making this vase very graceful.

Stained Glass Fuse Vase  Stained Glass Fuse Vase  Stained Glass Fuse Vase

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Stained Glass Blue Bird in the Tree

Price: $30 BUY NOW!

Stained Glass Design Blue Bird

Stained Glass Design Blue Bird

This suncatcher has a cute little blue bird that I can almost hear chirping a beautiful melody.  The tree is a celebration of textures with a creamy yellow glass and a rich warm brown glass, both with interesting lines and swirls within the glass.  I love that there are no straight lines on this suncatcher, every single piece of glass is a curve.  I also love the feeling of youth and energy that I get when I look at it.


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Create Day – Cheryl’s Stained Glass Window

sketchesEarlier in the month I posted some of my sketches and asked which was your favourite and the general response was in favour of the bird sketch. This was very interesting because I drew these sketches for my friend Cheryl who loved the bird drawing as well.  

Here’s the final window:

Cheryl's Window

I think this window is perfect for Cheryl.  She is a genuinely fun, courageous, and beautiful person. She has four huge windows as a focal point in her living area and is looking to add more curves and femininity to her decor with a stained glass window, using a touch of blue that is accented throughout her house.  Thanks for letting make this window for you, Cheryl! I had so much fun.

I’m very pleased with a few particular aspects of  the finished window.  I managed to cut the clear background glass in such a way that the swirls in it are continuous giving a smoothly flowing feeling.  The moon in the window is mirror, so that the colours and feeling of her home will be reflected in the window. In addition to all this, it was my first time using the lead came technique, which is the dark border around the outside of the window.  That turned out beautifully, creating a clean solid line for the window. 

   bird detail

moon detail

Create Day 5 – Cute Bird in the Circle Tree


Thought I’d try something a little more fun and silly today.  I’ve been thinking about cute little blue birds from a couple other projects, so I decided to carry the theme on to a little window hanging.  And what could be wrong with bright red hearts?  Oh, and this is the yellow glass that was oh so popular in my lotus candle holders.


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Blue Bird Vase

bluebird1This stunning vase was the product of a quiet weekend at home playing with glass.  What I love is the cute blue bird that has a retro feeling and the fact that all three sides of the vase have a different design.  The black swirls are continuous from one side to the other so there is a great feeling of curving flow about the vase.  The moon above the blue bird is made from mirror, so what you see is the reflection of my patio pavers in the mirror. 

bluebird2    bluebird3

Given the number of curves, this vase was a bit of extra work to solder.  I think that I might try another vase of the same design but use the kiln to tack fuse the curves and bird onto the white background, eliminating some of the solder work. 

What does this mean?  It means that I’m going to venture into the realm of kilns, a whole new learning process.  It’s going to be fantastic.  I’m guessing I’ll be able to post some photos of my kiln experiments and when I’ve completed that, I’ll do up this vase with the kiln and let you decide which method you like better.

bluebird6   bluebird5   bluebird4