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Create Day – Strawberry Yogurt Vase


I recently acquired a sheet of glass so beautiful that I didn’t want to cut it up into small pieces.   So I decided to make this vase to showcase it.  The swirls are stunning!  The red nuggets really bring out the reddish swirls, grounding the vase from being too over the top pink.  It is quite romantic.

            Strawberry Yogurt Vase     Strawberry Yogurt Vase    



Create Day – Cheryl’s Stained Glass Window

sketchesEarlier in the month I posted some of my sketches and asked which was your favourite and the general response was in favour of the bird sketch. This was very interesting because I drew these sketches for my friend Cheryl who loved the bird drawing as well.  

Here’s the final window:

Cheryl's Window

I think this window is perfect for Cheryl.  She is a genuinely fun, courageous, and beautiful person. She has four huge windows as a focal point in her living area and is looking to add more curves and femininity to her decor with a stained glass window, using a touch of blue that is accented throughout her house.  Thanks for letting make this window for you, Cheryl! I had so much fun.

I’m very pleased with a few particular aspects of  the finished window.  I managed to cut the clear background glass in such a way that the swirls in it are continuous giving a smoothly flowing feeling.  The moon in the window is mirror, so that the colours and feeling of her home will be reflected in the window. In addition to all this, it was my first time using the lead came technique, which is the dark border around the outside of the window.  That turned out beautifully, creating a clean solid line for the window. 

   bird detail

moon detail

Create Day 3 – Large Lotus Candle Holder

Ever since I made the tea light lotus candle holder collection I have dreamed about the same candle holder, but LARGE.  Today I created one nearly a foot across and I am very please with the results.  This is not just a little decoration, it is a table centerpiece.

DSCN0952   DSCN0981


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Create Day 1 – Lotus Flower Candle Holders





l went a little crazy making candle holders yesterday. Apparently the lotus flower is associated with enlightenment, fertility and sensuality, purity, and health. I love the simple elegance of these flowers, the fact that they are beautiful in an undemanding way, but I can’t help but be impressed by the amount of cultural and religious symbolism this little bloom has associated with it as well.

My favourite holder is the yellow one. How about you?

green1  lotus2  yellow2

blueripple1     pink3



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Purple Lavender Vase

This is the third vase in my curvy vase series.  It’s named by my son Trevor because “mom, it makes me remember that you always put pieces of lavender in your pocket in the summer so you can keep smelling it all day”.  This purple glass really does make me think of lavender, too.  I look at the vase and immediately feel calm.


vase4     vase2    vase3

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Blue Swirl Vase

I finished another vase for my vase series.  This one is my favourite yet: beautiful, and a little bit playful.  I think this is the recipe for vase designs that makes me happy.  I’ve got three other vase designs on the go, so after I get back from Spring Break I’ll post some more.


vase2     vase3

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Stained Glass Lamp

lampThis is my first lamp, and I have to say, I’ve kind of impressed myself.

The design is from a library book that I forgot the name of, but I guess I should look it up.  The lamp in the book was done in a terrible mashed-up mess of colours, but what jumped out at me were the graceful curves. Like flowing lava. 

These curves needed to be shown off with simple white glass. Oddly enough, my living room also begged me for a beautiful lamp in white glass.  Now my living room is purring contentedly, happy to finally have one lamp with a beautiful shade (or is that my cat purring?)

I’m really proud of it. I think it looks professionally done and  I want to make another one.  Right away.  Takers, anyone?

Blossom Window

Last winter I painted my kitchen cupboards creamy white and bought new countertops. The results were amazing, but the kitchen needed a focal point, so I designed this custom stained glass window insert for one set of cupboards.  The blue glass has a gorgeous mauve and green glimmer at some angles, but I’m still planning to install a light behind the window for added effect.  I’m so happy with this window, I can’t wait to make more!


Sun and Moon Mosaic

I love my sun and moon mosaic!  It’s the crowning glory of my eating area as it fills the whole sill of my garden window.  It’s even stunning from outside when I walk by on the patio.  I love looking at it.   The sun is designed by myself, with a little input from my sister, and the moon design is from a beautiful book Mosaic art and style: designs for living environments by JoAnn Locktov.