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Stained Glass Flower Window Design

Stained Glass Flower Window Design

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This stained glass flower window is one of my favourite designs, given its rich colours and smooth, flowing curves.  This is the second time I’ve made this window, and this time I varied the colours for a bit of a softer look with the flower petals.  Stained Glass Flower Window Design

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Stained Glass Window Design – Winter Bubbles

Price: $250

Stained Glass Winter Bubbles Design

Stained Glass Winter Bubbles DesignThis stunning stained glass bubbles design (Jello Bubbles) sold last week and when I took it down from my window, I was so pleased to send it to a new home to be enjoyed, but also felt a little secret sadness because I’ve also really enjoyed it. So I spent 18 hours of my weekend joyfully making a new window, same design, but in new colours. I’m so excited to have this window to display at my craft fairs – maybe someone else will fall in love with it, too.

Stained Glass Winter Bubbles Design

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Stained Glass Mountain Scenery Design

My stained glass is on the front of this house! I love it! Thanks, Charis and Ash!


Stained Glass Mountain Window Design

Price: SOLD

What fun I had last week creating this stained glass mountain design that’s custom-made to fit into a hexagon window that’s up at 2nd story level in a lovely home in the Kootenays.  The  plan is to create a beautiful mountain scene with a focus on still allowing lots of light through the window.   

Stained Glass Mountain Window Design

I’m really pleased with these creative ideas used in this window: the swirly glass in the mountain for an artistic effect, the specially kiln-made forest glass to show perspective and depth, and a glass overlay on the mountain reflection where I needed a darker shade of grey than was available.  I can’t wait to see photos of it in it’s new home.

Stained Glass Mountain Window Design

Stained Glass Mountain Window Design


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Stained Glass Flower Sphere Window

Price: $299 BUY NOW!

Stained Glass Flower Sphere WindowWow, I am proud of this design! This stained glass flower sphere window is quite awesome.  I wore some serious skin off my fingers getting all 180 itsy bitsy pieces cut and placed together.  But the final creation is completely worth the effort, a masterpiece of curves and dimension.  I am most impressed that this flat stained glass window practically jumps off the window it is so dimensional.

Stained Glass Flower Sphere Window

Stained Glass Flower Sphere Window

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Stained Glass Flower Window

Price: SOLD

This window makes me think of a peacock with its bright blues, purples and greens.  It is a celebration of colour, and my first window where I’ve played with using a large number of different colours.

Just out of curiosity, which picture do you think shows it off better? The garden background or the white background? We are having this debate at home and I’d love to hear your opinion.

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Stained Glass Swirl Window

Price: $59 BUY NOW!

Stained Glass Swirl WindowStained Glass Swirl Window

This stained glass window’s purpose is to celebrate my pursuit of curves and swirls, combined with my fondness of green and blue together.  I love the element of surprise and fun created by the little pops of green.   The green glass also shows a little sheen of blue Stained Glass Swirl Windowpearlescent from some angles, so the glass colours tie in together very well.  I find this window vibrant and energetic in colour and style, while at the same time soothing to the eye with it’s continuous flow of curves. 

Stained Glass Swirl Window

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Create Day – Jello Bubbles

Jello Bubbles

This creation is inspired by Jell-O.  Seriously!  Well, the colours are.  It  is bright, fun, youthful, and silly; just like serving up a bowlful of wiggly Jello.   This window also earns the prize for most pieces of glass in a window of mine to date, somewhere around 150, I think.  And I just realized, it wins the prize for the most curves as well.   So if you think you might be looking for a really fun stained glass window, this one is looking for a home that loves Jello.

   Jello Bubbles   Jello Bubbles


Create Day – Cheryl’s Stained Glass Window

sketchesEarlier in the month I posted some of my sketches and asked which was your favourite and the general response was in favour of the bird sketch. This was very interesting because I drew these sketches for my friend Cheryl who loved the bird drawing as well.  

Here’s the final window:

Cheryl's Window

I think this window is perfect for Cheryl.  She is a genuinely fun, courageous, and beautiful person. She has four huge windows as a focal point in her living area and is looking to add more curves and femininity to her decor with a stained glass window, using a touch of blue that is accented throughout her house.  Thanks for letting make this window for you, Cheryl! I had so much fun.

I’m very pleased with a few particular aspects of  the finished window.  I managed to cut the clear background glass in such a way that the swirls in it are continuous giving a smoothly flowing feeling.  The moon in the window is mirror, so that the colours and feeling of her home will be reflected in the window. In addition to all this, it was my first time using the lead came technique, which is the dark border around the outside of the window.  That turned out beautifully, creating a clean solid line for the window. 

   bird detail

moon detail

Blossom Window

Last winter I painted my kitchen cupboards creamy white and bought new countertops. The results were amazing, but the kitchen needed a focal point, so I designed this custom stained glass window insert for one set of cupboards.  The blue glass has a gorgeous mauve and green glimmer at some angles, but I’m still planning to install a light behind the window for added effect.  I’m so happy with this window, I can’t wait to make more!