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Stained Glass Fused Blue Bird Vase

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Stained Glass Fuse Vase

This vase is the results of my first time fusing glass.  I previously made this vase using solder only, but it was a bit of a pain in the neck to complete so I thought I’d try the design using fusing instead. The blue bird and black swirls are tack fused onto the white glass background (put in the kiln just hot enough that the two glass surfaces melt onto each other; then they are permanently connected).  Even with an engineering background so that I understand the science of it, I find fusing a bit magical.  Two completely separate pieces of glass end up becoming one forever.

I like this vase because each side is a different design, making this the perfect vase for a changing display. The black swirls are continuous, they flow from one side of the vase to the next, making this vase very graceful.

Stained Glass Fuse Vase  Stained Glass Fuse Vase  Stained Glass Fuse Vase

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Create Day – Rich Red Vase

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Rich Red Vase

Here’s how this vase got created:  My friend Moses sends me a message saying “I love your Raspberry Ripple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Vase! I am thinking… red and pink”!   

I answer “I have a beautiful, really rich red sheet of glass right now”.  And the reply is “I love the red colour you just described to me: ‘really rich’.”   And I think “Yay, I get to use that fabulous sheet of glass. So great”.

Rich Red Vase

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Create Day – Strawberry Yogurt Vase


I recently acquired a sheet of glass so beautiful that I didn’t want to cut it up into small pieces.   So I decided to make this vase to showcase it.  The swirls are stunning!  The red nuggets really bring out the reddish swirls, grounding the vase from being too over the top pink.  It is quite romantic.

            Strawberry Yogurt Vase     Strawberry Yogurt Vase    


Create Day – Refresh Vase


I love green and blue together! It is completely refreshing, like a drink of crisp, cold water right out of a creek. Here is a vase I just finished 10 minutes ago and in a very selfish way I’m sad that it’s going straight out the door.  But I’m also so happy it’s going straight out the door as a birthday gift.  What a beautiful gift!

DSCN1143 DSCN1115DSCN1119 DSCN1133

Blue Bird Vase

bluebird1This stunning vase was the product of a quiet weekend at home playing with glass.  What I love is the cute blue bird that has a retro feeling and the fact that all three sides of the vase have a different design.  The black swirls are continuous from one side to the other so there is a great feeling of curving flow about the vase.  The moon above the blue bird is made from mirror, so what you see is the reflection of my patio pavers in the mirror. 

bluebird2    bluebird3

Given the number of curves, this vase was a bit of extra work to solder.  I think that I might try another vase of the same design but use the kiln to tack fuse the curves and bird onto the white background, eliminating some of the solder work. 

What does this mean?  It means that I’m going to venture into the realm of kilns, a whole new learning process.  It’s going to be fantastic.  I’m guessing I’ll be able to post some photos of my kiln experiments and when I’ve completed that, I’ll do up this vase with the kiln and let you decide which method you like better.

bluebird6   bluebird5   bluebird4

Purple Lavender Vase

This is the third vase in my curvy vase series.  It’s named by my son Trevor because “mom, it makes me remember that you always put pieces of lavender in your pocket in the summer so you can keep smelling it all day”.  This purple glass really does make me think of lavender, too.  I look at the vase and immediately feel calm.


vase4     vase2    vase3

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Blue Swirl Vase

I finished another vase for my vase series.  This one is my favourite yet: beautiful, and a little bit playful.  I think this is the recipe for vase designs that makes me happy.  I’ve got three other vase designs on the go, so after I get back from Spring Break I’ll post some more.


vase2     vase3

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I’m Selling Stained Glass on Etsy now!


A few weeks ago I decided to start my very own Etsy shop.  I created a whole bunch of little houses and a new vase (my own designs, I might add) and off I went to the amazing internet.  It took me a few days to figure out the Etsy site along with my own questions such as “What on earth should I do for packaging and shipping?”, but now I’ve gotten all that figured out and my newest creations are FOR SALE!   How crazy is that?  As in, someone I don’t know could actually choose to pay me to make beautiful glass creations. Once again, how crazy is that!  Now I’ll wait and see, and just continue on playing with glass.

Feel free to check out my new Etsy shop:


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Raspberry Ripple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Oooh, this is pretty.  I couldn’t have been more happy while making this custom request for my sister.  The rose coloured glass is so gorgeous!  Two curves of this rose glass sweeping through a rippled white vase3background make me think of a bowl full of raspberry ripple vanilla bean ice cream (does that exist?  It should!).  I think this vase is almost too pretty for flowers.

It will be beautiful on a shelf, on a table or even better, in a window where the sun can shine in, making these rose curves radiate and the swirls in the white glass glow with a subtle quietness. As I was putting the final coating of wax on the vase, the sun shone in the window for a brief second and I was stunned by the brilliance of this rose glass in sunlight.  It is stunningly beautiful. Or as my sister says “my favourite glass ever”.