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Little Stained Glass Snowman Designs

Stained Glass Snowman Design
I learned a valuable lesson at the craft fair this last weekend: Make loads of little stained glass ornaments to sell at great prices.  I made a couple dozen $2 snowmen for my fair last weekend and to my great surprise, I had a crazy rush  and sold out right away.  Well, that was so much fun that I worked all evening and made a bunch more snowmen for the next day.  Once again, I had such a rush that the snowmen were sold out within half an hour.  There’s nothing like the feeling of having word get out and people scrambling to get to my table fast enough.  What craziness!  Lesson learned:  This week I am going to create a million snowmen for the Victorian Craft Fair at Commonwealth Pool here in Victoria.  If you ordered snowmen in advance, I’ll see you there!

Stained Glass Snowman DesignStained Glass Snowman Design


Stained Glass Business Card Holder Design

Stained Glass Business Card Holder Design

And here is my first business card holder design!   It’s going to be so perfect for displaying my cards with my stained glass collection at Christmas fairs in November.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out, the same cute whimsical feeling that I’m trying to create for my table at the fairs.

Stained Glass Business Card Holder DesignStained Glass Business Card Holder Design

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‘Little Cutie’ in Another Colour – Stained Glass Bird

Price: $6.50 each BUY NOW!

Stained Glass Bird Ornament

Here is my cute little blue bird with a playful green branch.  I just can’t wait to sell these at craft fairs this November!

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Stained Glass Bird Ornament

Price: $6.50 each BUY NOW! Stained Glass Bird Decoration Design


Stained Glass Bird Decoration DesignThese stained glass little birds are the cutest things ever. I’ve created them as my $5 item for my Christmas craft fairs and I just know they are going to bring sweetness to many homes this Christmas. They are so versatile: Perfect as a grouping on the Christmas tree, as little greeting gifts to friends and loved ones, or as unique hostess gifts. These birds will even continue to be beautiful hanging in a window long after the Christmas season is over.

Stained Glass Bird Decoration DesignStained Glass Bird Decoration DesignStained Glass Bird Decoration Design

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Contest Winner: Stained Glass Cute Little House

I thought it would take forever to get 50 likes on my new facebook page, but it was quicker than I thought!  Thank you, everybody!  To celebrate I used to select Greta Visser as the winner of  a free stained glass gift.  Congratulations, Greta!  Here is her choice:

Stained Glass Design Cute Little House

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Create Day 1 – Lotus Flower Candle Holders





l went a little crazy making candle holders yesterday. Apparently the lotus flower is associated with enlightenment, fertility and sensuality, purity, and health. I love the simple elegance of these flowers, the fact that they are beautiful in an undemanding way, but I can’t help but be impressed by the amount of cultural and religious symbolism this little bloom has associated with it as well.

My favourite holder is the yellow one. How about you?

green1  lotus2  yellow2

blueripple1     pink3



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Purple Lavender Vase

This is the third vase in my curvy vase series.  It’s named by my son Trevor because “mom, it makes me remember that you always put pieces of lavender in your pocket in the summer so you can keep smelling it all day”.  This purple glass really does make me think of lavender, too.  I look at the vase and immediately feel calm.


vase4     vase2    vase3

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I’m Selling Stained Glass on Etsy now!


A few weeks ago I decided to start my very own Etsy shop.  I created a whole bunch of little houses and a new vase (my own designs, I might add) and off I went to the amazing internet.  It took me a few days to figure out the Etsy site along with my own questions such as “What on earth should I do for packaging and shipping?”, but now I’ve gotten all that figured out and my newest creations are FOR SALE!   How crazy is that?  As in, someone I don’t know could actually choose to pay me to make beautiful glass creations. Once again, how crazy is that!  Now I’ll wait and see, and just continue on playing with glass.

Feel free to check out my new Etsy shop:


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Raspberry Ripple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Oooh, this is pretty.  I couldn’t have been more happy while making this custom request for my sister.  The rose coloured glass is so gorgeous!  Two curves of this rose glass sweeping through a rippled white vase3background make me think of a bowl full of raspberry ripple vanilla bean ice cream (does that exist?  It should!).  I think this vase is almost too pretty for flowers.

It will be beautiful on a shelf, on a table or even better, in a window where the sun can shine in, making these rose curves radiate and the swirls in the white glass glow with a subtle quietness. As I was putting the final coating of wax on the vase, the sun shone in the window for a brief second and I was stunned by the brilliance of this rose glass in sunlight.  It is stunningly beautiful. Or as my sister says “my favourite glass ever”. 

Little Houses

3houses  2houses

Sometimes it makes sense to spend hours chatting over a Japanese hotpot meal.  These adorable little houses were my husband’s brainchild as we shared one such meal at a restaurant downtown.   My brain immediately started spinning on the possibilities, and one month later I had created dozens of these little homes.  One little house by itself is very cute, but when I put three together I have the perfect gift.  They look amazing in front of the window but I’ve also constructed some to hold a battery tea light, and others to hold a mini Christmas light.  They are also very cute hanging on the Christmas tree with mini lights inside them.  I really enjoy making them because I can play with so many different combinations of glass.