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Create Day – A Stained Glass Lamp for Sarah

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Sarah's Lamp

This little lamp is so precious.  It was created for Sarah’s dining room; her favourite colour is bright blue, which is cool because the bright blue glass is so stunning and therefore really fun to create with.  The other colours are chosen to suit her home.  The thing that I keep noticing about this lamp is the way the horizontal lines so perfectly complement the vertical lines.  What a joy to make.

Sarah's Lamp


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Stained Glass Lamp

lampThis is my first lamp, and I have to say, I’ve kind of impressed myself.

The design is from a library book that I forgot the name of, but I guess I should look it up.  The lamp in the book was done in a terrible mashed-up mess of colours, but what jumped out at me were the graceful curves. Like flowing lava. 

These curves needed to be shown off with simple white glass. Oddly enough, my living room also begged me for a beautiful lamp in white glass.  Now my living room is purring contentedly, happy to finally have one lamp with a beautiful shade (or is that my cat purring?)

I’m really proud of it. I think it looks professionally done and  I want to make another one.  Right away.  Takers, anyone?