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Create Day 3 – Large Lotus Candle Holder

Ever since I made the tea light lotus candle holder collection I have dreamed about the same candle holder, but LARGE.  Today I created one nearly a foot across and I am very please with the results.  This is not just a little decoration, it is a table centerpiece.

DSCN0952   DSCN0981


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Create Day 1 – Lotus Flower Candle Holders





l went a little crazy making candle holders yesterday. Apparently the lotus flower is associated with enlightenment, fertility and sensuality, purity, and health. I love the simple elegance of these flowers, the fact that they are beautiful in an undemanding way, but I can’t help but be impressed by the amount of cultural and religious symbolism this little bloom has associated with it as well.

My favourite holder is the yellow one. How about you?

green1  lotus2  yellow2

blueripple1     pink3



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Little Houses

3houses  2houses

Sometimes it makes sense to spend hours chatting over a Japanese hotpot meal.  These adorable little houses were my husband’s brainchild as we shared one such meal at a restaurant downtown.   My brain immediately started spinning on the possibilities, and one month later I had created dozens of these little homes.  One little house by itself is very cute, but when I put three together I have the perfect gift.  They look amazing in front of the window but I’ve also constructed some to hold a battery tea light, and others to hold a mini Christmas light.  They are also very cute hanging on the Christmas tree with mini lights inside them.  I really enjoy making them because I can play with so many different combinations of glass.


Lotus Candle

lotuscandleI love the simplicity and gracefulness of the lotus flower, so I decided to make a lotus candle holder, based on a candle holder I bought a few years ago.  This orange glass is stunning with fine lines etched into the smooth surface, but I think this holder would look good in any colour of glass.  I plan to find out, especially seeing as I broke this one yesterday.  That was not exactly the idea I had when I named my blog “shattered by light”.  My young son cried because he ‘loves that one so much, mom’, so I promised to make many more.  I’d better go get started.

Little Church

It seems to me that every neighbourhood has its own church, and in my opinion, the more charming the better.  So I made a cute church to sit on my windowsill beside the little glass houses.  This church holds two battery tea lights that cause it’s tiny yellow windows to appear warm and inviting on a cold winter’s night.  I bet the whole neighbourhood is cuddled up inside, enjoying a potluck dinner, laughter and friendship.


     church2       churchredhouses