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Bird Bath


This bird bath looks rustic from a distance but offers a pleasant surprise as I approach.  Simple curving lines made with mixed smalti (opaque glass tiles) are framed with larger pieces of mirror.  The mirror is especially beautiful in the garden because the trees and sky are reflected from all different angles.  Sometimes the sun even reflects off the mirror into my family room, creating an assortment of rainbows all over the ceiling.



Sun and Moon Mosaic

I love my sun and moon mosaic!  It’s the crowning glory of my eating area as it fills the whole sill of my garden window.  It’s even stunning from outside when I walk by on the patio.  I love looking at it.   The sun is designed by myself, with a little input from my sister, and the moon design is from a beautiful book Mosaic art and style: designs for living environments by JoAnn Locktov. 



Colourful Birdhouse

birdhouseside2This brilliant birdhouse is keeping my back yard so cheerful this winter where it’s visible from my kitchen window.  It’s built from scratch, using the safe nesting guidelines for our local nuthatches, so hopefully it will have a new little resident this coming spring. 

birdhousefront        birdhouseside1