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Stained Glass Flower Window Design

Stained Glass Flower Window Design

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This stained glass flower window is one of my favourite designs, given its rich colours and smooth, flowing curves.  This is the second time I’ve made this window, and this time I varied the colours for a bit of a softer look with the flower petals.  Stained Glass Flower Window Design

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Things I Like – Stained Glass Flowing Water Window

I just can’t stop looking at this flowing water inspired stained glass window created by Washington artist Isaac Smith.  The streams of blue follow such random but beautiful pathways, reminding me how creaks and streams meander and trickle along, finding their way around rocks and branches and whatever else is present. Talk about simple elegance!
  image of the stained glass window in Liberty Lake

(Every week I post about an interesting pattern or design. If you have an idea that you think I should look at or would like me to make this window for you, send me a note by email or on my contact form.)