Stained Glass Suncatcher of Lake Louise, BC

Price: SOLD

This stained glass custom design is based on a photo taken of Lake Louise,  a beautiful destination in our BC Rocky Mountains (if you’ve never been to stunning mountains, I highly recommend the trip)!

Stained Glass Lake Louise Design

My friends Damara and Goetz requested this window as a gift for their parents in Germany, as a unique way for them to remember their trip to Canada last year. Did you catch that? My creation is going all the way to Germany! Wow! 

Stained Glass Lake Louise DesignStained Glass Lake Louise Design

I had such a fun time designing this window, especially my favourite part, the little red kayak on the lake.  This kayak is created with reflective mirror-like red glass so that it really sparkles in the light.  Thanks, Damara, for specifically asking for the red kayak! It’s the best!

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One response to “Stained Glass Suncatcher of Lake Louise, BC

  1. I LOVE this! I can’t wait to give it…thank you Roz!!!

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