Things I Like – This Painting Inspires

This stained glass inspiration idea is a painting created by artist Mandy Budan.  I like her unique style with all the little shapes within each object in the painting, it makes me think of some of the textures in my glass. 

budanArt 13 x 19 Large Print - View From Mazengah

I am very impressed by the level of detail that goes into creating each painting.  I love how her work changes from pencil drawing to painted medium.  You can check out her progress on one of her current paintings at Thanks for the inspiration idea, Damara!  Keep the ideas coming, friends!

(Every week I post about an interesting pattern or design. If you have an idea that you think I should look at or would like me to make this window for you, send me a note by email or on my contact form.)


2 responses to “Things I Like – This Painting Inspires

  1. Thanks for the wonderful post! I’ve always been inspired and intrigued by stained glass. 🙂

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