Stained Glass Dragonfly Designs

Price: $15 each BUY NOW!
Save with groups of 3 or 10 BUY NOW!

Stained Glass Dragonfly DesignThese stained glass suncatchers are inspired by the colourful dragonflies flitting around my garden. I thought to myself “Why not enjoy these lovely creatures from my window all year around?” So I created a graceful lovely design in ten beautiful colours to suit any home decor. I love that the textured wings shimmer a whole rainbow of colours. Each dragonfly is 6.5″ tall x 4.5″ wide and has a little loop for hanging from the window

Stained Glass Dragonfly Design Stained Glass Dragonfly Design

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2 responses to “Stained Glass Dragonfly Designs

  1. So pretty Roz! I love dragonflies too. I’ve always thought they are really pretty.

  2. I love this little beauties — gorgeous colours.

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