Things I like: Stained Glass Scenery Windows


I’ve been thinking about doing some scenery with stained glass lately.  Here are my random thoughts (in no specific order): 

I love this painting with the interesting land shapes and the moon (sun?). Maybe someday I’ll create a stained glass scenery based on it.  

When I was at my parent’s place earlier this month, I rowed the Tupperware dingy out into the ocean and did some sketches of the ocean scenery.  I’d like to see what they look like in stained glass, too.

Chris says I should do some scenery of the back yard or better yet, of the sunken garden at Butchart Gardens. 

We thought it would be cool if my friend Damara does photography of a scenery, my friend Barb draws or paints the scenery and I create a stained glass from the photo/drawing/painting.  Then we could stand all three side by side.

(Every week I post about an interesting pattern or design. If you have an idea that you think I should look at send me a note by email or on my contact form.)


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