Stained Glass Fused Blue Bird Vase

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Stained Glass Fuse Vase

This vase is the results of my first time fusing glass.  I previously made this vase using solder only, but it was a bit of a pain in the neck to complete so I thought I’d try the design using fusing instead. The blue bird and black swirls are tack fused onto the white glass background (put in the kiln just hot enough that the two glass surfaces melt onto each other; then they are permanently connected).  Even with an engineering background so that I understand the science of it, I find fusing a bit magical.  Two completely separate pieces of glass end up becoming one forever.

I like this vase because each side is a different design, making this the perfect vase for a changing display. The black swirls are continuous, they flow from one side of the vase to the next, making this vase very graceful.

Stained Glass Fuse Vase  Stained Glass Fuse Vase  Stained Glass Fuse Vase

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One response to “Stained Glass Fused Blue Bird Vase

  1. So cool – and beautiful! Great job!

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