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Stained Glass Blue Bird in the Tree

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Stained Glass Design Blue Bird

Stained Glass Design Blue Bird

This suncatcher has a cute little blue bird that I can almost hear chirping a beautiful melody.  The tree is a celebration of textures with a creamy yellow glass and a rich warm brown glass, both with interesting lines and swirls within the glass.  I love that there are no straight lines on this suncatcher, every single piece of glass is a curve.  I also love the feeling of youth and energy that I get when I look at it.


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Dream Day – Stained Glass Polyhedron


I’m fascinated by drawings that are two dimensional but appear to be three dimensional.  It seems like such a talent to be able to draw in this way. This stained glass window completely pops out at me.  It’s a free stained glass pattern from and I’m going to make it just for fun.  I’ll change up the colours, although I do love the blue flowers.  Do you have any colour combination ideas for me?

Create Day – Stained Glass Sailboat

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This sailboat suncatcher is going to a beautiful house on a quiet lake, where the family loves to spend their summers sailing. Happy Sailing!DSCN1314



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Dream Day – Stained Glass Geometric Patterns

Geometric Pattern

This geometric pattern would be a really stunning and cheerful stained glass suncatcher.  All the coloured triangles would be pieces of stained glass and all the black triangles would be left empty.  I love the colours; I’d probably keep them the same as the picture.

Create Day – Rich Red Vase

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Rich Red Vase

Here’s how this vase got created:  My friend Moses sends me a message saying “I love your Raspberry Ripple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Vase! I am thinking… red and pink”!   

I answer “I have a beautiful, really rich red sheet of glass right now”.  And the reply is “I love the red colour you just described to me: ‘really rich’.”   And I think “Yay, I get to use that fabulous sheet of glass. So great”.

Rich Red Vase

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Dream Day – Happy Tulips

I love it when people share their ideas for stained glass creations with me.  I get to see that person come alive through the art that they find beautiful.  For my mom, it’s flowers and hearts and colour that make her come alive.  No wonder she likes to spend so much time in her garden.  Here’s a painting photo she passed on to me as a dream idea.


Create Day – A Stained Glass Lamp for Sarah

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Sarah's Lamp

This little lamp is so precious.  It was created for Sarah’s dining room; her favourite colour is bright blue, which is cool because the bright blue glass is so stunning and therefore really fun to create with.  The other colours are chosen to suit her home.  The thing that I keep noticing about this lamp is the way the horizontal lines so perfectly complement the vertical lines.  What a joy to make.

Sarah's Lamp


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Dream Day – Cute Cheerful Mushrooms


I think mushrooms and stained glass should go together. Cute cheerful mushrooms like the ones in these pictures (nothing like the nasty mushrooms that pop up in my garden when it’s damp out). Maybe someday I’ll draw up a mushroom picture and create it out of glass.



Half Way to my Goal!

Yay!  Half way to 50 likes on my facebook page!  Thank you everyone!  That means facebook has given me an easy new username: it out if you haven’t yet, and click like to get entered in the FREE draw.

Create Day – Strawberry Yogurt Vase


I recently acquired a sheet of glass so beautiful that I didn’t want to cut it up into small pieces.   So I decided to make this vase to showcase it.  The swirls are stunning!  The red nuggets really bring out the reddish swirls, grounding the vase from being too over the top pink.  It is quite romantic.

            Strawberry Yogurt Vase     Strawberry Yogurt Vase