Create Day – Cheryl’s Stained Glass Window

sketchesEarlier in the month I posted some of my sketches and asked which was your favourite and the general response was in favour of the bird sketch. This was very interesting because I drew these sketches for my friend Cheryl who loved the bird drawing as well.  

Here’s the final window:

Cheryl's Window

I think this window is perfect for Cheryl.  She is a genuinely fun, courageous, and beautiful person. She has four huge windows as a focal point in her living area and is looking to add more curves and femininity to her decor with a stained glass window, using a touch of blue that is accented throughout her house.  Thanks for letting make this window for you, Cheryl! I had so much fun.

I’m very pleased with a few particular aspects of  the finished window.  I managed to cut the clear background glass in such a way that the swirls in it are continuous giving a smoothly flowing feeling.  The moon in the window is mirror, so that the colours and feeling of her home will be reflected in the window. In addition to all this, it was my first time using the lead came technique, which is the dark border around the outside of the window.  That turned out beautifully, creating a clean solid line for the window. 

   bird detail

moon detail


4 responses to “Create Day – Cheryl’s Stained Glass Window

  1. oh my…I love this…it is absolutely sweet and delightful. love it and such a great talent you have!

  2. Also, Roz is AMAZING at coming up with a custom piece. She came into my home, listened to my ideas, and came up with something even more dazzling than I could have imagined!!! If you’ve been dreaming of a little something for a certain window, TALK TO ROZ. I mean it.

  3. I just love this one. So simple yet a beautiful accent in the window. I bet it looks lovely in her home !

  4. Thanks, Ladies! I’m making this one again to put on my etsy site. I’m really enjoying the creation of it, even for the 2nd time.

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