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Dream Day – Knitted Masterpieces

This has nothing to do with stained glass, but I find it completely fun and inspiring.  These people have recreated famous works of art by KNITTING them!  How crazy is that! Their works of art look amazing, too.    Here are some of my favourites:

Seated Woman in Garden by Pablo Picasso, knitted by Sue McBride. Inset: Picasso's Femme Assise Dans un JardinThe Scream by Edvard Munch, knitted by Norma Box. Inset: one of several versions of the famous picture by MunchSunflowers by Vincent van Gogh, knitted by Margaret Hamilton and Margaret Murray. Inset: one of van Gogh's Sunflower paintingsA knitted artwork of The Kiss, with the original Gustav Klimt paintingA Stained Glass Window by Rennie Mackintosh, knitted by Jean Brodie. Inset: a similar Mackintosh windowHokusai's The Great Wave, knitted by Sylvia West, Susan Davies and Tim West. Inset: the original woodblock print

You can see more at:


Create Day – Jello Bubbles

Jello Bubbles

This creation is inspired by Jell-O.  Seriously!  Well, the colours are.  It  is bright, fun, youthful, and silly; just like serving up a bowlful of wiggly Jello.   This window also earns the prize for most pieces of glass in a window of mine to date, somewhere around 150, I think.  And I just realized, it wins the prize for the most curves as well.   So if you think you might be looking for a really fun stained glass window, this one is looking for a home that loves Jello.

   Jello Bubbles   Jello Bubbles


Dream Day – Yay! The sun is out!

flowers[1]So the sun has come back out and all the flowers are looking beautiful in my garden.   It is time to dream about flowers showing off their brilliant colours in the sun. 

I’ve been drawn to this stained glass window for a long time now, I love the oranges and yellows and reds in the flowers.  It is so colourful and cheerful, perfect for a sunny, flower celebrating day.

Shattered by Light Stained Glass Creations

Shattered by Light

I just created a facebook page for my stained glass creations.  Take a look at Shattered by Light and click ‘like’ me.  I have a dream of getting up to 50 ‘likes’!

Create Day – Lilies Suncatcher

Lilies Suncatcher  I’ve been getting a few custom design requests by people who want to give a friend or sibling a stained glass birthday gift. Here is my latest, designed for a sister who is symbolized by the butterfly nurturing and watching over her three children, two girls and a boy (also symbolized by the lilies). She loves lilies and soft pretty colours, so we chose the soft pinks and creamy green for her suncatcher. It is a lovely gift and I am sure she will be thrilled.

Lilies Suncatcher         Lilies Suncatcher

Dream Day – Rainy Days

It’s been so rainy the last couple days, I keep dreaming about this beautiful, yet somber stained glass window.   If I ever live in a really old home that’s dripping with character (you know, the type of home that you’re pretty sure is haunted; there are loads of them here in Victoria),  I’m going to make this stained glass for the little window at the end of the upstairs hallway. 


Create Day – Refresh Vase


I love green and blue together! It is completely refreshing, like a drink of crisp, cold water right out of a creek. Here is a vase I just finished 10 minutes ago and in a very selfish way I’m sad that it’s going straight out the door.  But I’m also so happy it’s going straight out the door as a birthday gift.  What a beautiful gift!

DSCN1143 DSCN1115DSCN1119 DSCN1133

Dream Day – Stained Glass Trees

This is a painting done by an artist named Elizabeth Robinette Tyndall.  I think she creates a pretty fabulous effect of stained glass using paint and I’d be interested to see what this art looks like actually made with glass.  It makes me think of my last dream day post about Robert Oddy, with all of his tiny tiny pieces of glass.  Yes, There are some super tiny pieces here but I could simplify the picture and still try to create the same feeling.  Or I could go all out and try to channel Mr. Oddy’s work.

Create Day – Cheryl’s Stained Glass Window

sketchesEarlier in the month I posted some of my sketches and asked which was your favourite and the general response was in favour of the bird sketch. This was very interesting because I drew these sketches for my friend Cheryl who loved the bird drawing as well.  

Here’s the final window:

Cheryl's Window

I think this window is perfect for Cheryl.  She is a genuinely fun, courageous, and beautiful person. She has four huge windows as a focal point in her living area and is looking to add more curves and femininity to her decor with a stained glass window, using a touch of blue that is accented throughout her house.  Thanks for letting make this window for you, Cheryl! I had so much fun.

I’m very pleased with a few particular aspects of  the finished window.  I managed to cut the clear background glass in such a way that the swirls in it are continuous giving a smoothly flowing feeling.  The moon in the window is mirror, so that the colours and feeling of her home will be reflected in the window. In addition to all this, it was my first time using the lead came technique, which is the dark border around the outside of the window.  That turned out beautifully, creating a clean solid line for the window. 

   bird detail

moon detail

Dream Day – The Real Thing

Robbert Oddy

This guy is out of control and I love it! His name is Robert Oddy; he’s been doing stained glass windows since the 80’s, and is quite famous for it, from what I see.

The detail in his windows is unreal.  This rose window, only 12” wide, has pieces so tiny I’m amazed he managed to wrap copper foil around them.  Apparently he cuts his foil to varying widths so that his solder line width changes throughout the window.  I guess that explains the extremely fine solder lines in the centres of the roses.

I like his quote on his website:  “The challenge I set myself with every window is to capture the essence of my subject without compromise to technical difficulties. I try to create depth and subtlety in the representation of natural subjects in stained glass.”