Blue Bird Vase

bluebird1This stunning vase was the product of a quiet weekend at home playing with glass.  What I love is the cute blue bird that has a retro feeling and the fact that all three sides of the vase have a different design.  The black swirls are continuous from one side to the other so there is a great feeling of curving flow about the vase.  The moon above the blue bird is made from mirror, so what you see is the reflection of my patio pavers in the mirror. 

bluebird2    bluebird3

Given the number of curves, this vase was a bit of extra work to solder.  I think that I might try another vase of the same design but use the kiln to tack fuse the curves and bird onto the white background, eliminating some of the solder work. 

What does this mean?  It means that I’m going to venture into the realm of kilns, a whole new learning process.  It’s going to be fantastic.  I’m guessing I’ll be able to post some photos of my kiln experiments and when I’ve completed that, I’ll do up this vase with the kiln and let you decide which method you like better.

bluebird6   bluebird5   bluebird4


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