Dream Day 4 – Which Sketch is Your Favourite?

sketch2I drew up a few quick sketches of ideas for a stained glass window for my friend Cheryl.  She decided to go with a single oval, in her words “the two circles remind me of boobs or balls” so I totally applaud her decision. Had a good laugh, too!

What interests me the most is that every person who looks at the sketches chooses a different favourite.  It’s a mini celebration of difference of opinion and taste.

I find I gravitate towards the simple and abstract nature of the sketch with three blue nuggets.  Which one do you like best?   



6 responses to “Dream Day 4 – Which Sketch is Your Favourite?

  1. My fav is the one with the blue bird, simply gorgeous!

  2. These are all beautiful. I think I love the blue bird the most, but close second is the blue flower. I think what I like is the surprising burst of blue on the highlighted item; it makes the whole tableau stand out as an ongoing scene.

  3. I love the design with the blue bird that is in the very top picture! I think it would look really great as a stained-glass window!

  4. i really like them all, but my favorite is the one with the bird

  5. I thought I’d tell everyone my favourite, seeing as that is the one you’re making me!! I love the bottom blue bird. But seriously, I got shivers of excitement when I first saw these sketches! What a talent!!!!!!!

  6. I love the bottommost bird, personally – though I have to say that they’re all lovely.

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