Dream Day 2 – Smoke Photography: An Appreciation of Curves

www.sensitivelight.comI am very thankful for artists who take amazing photos of smoke.  Smoke must bow to some natural law of beautiful curvature because these photos are stunning and incredibly inspiring.  Oh my! The layers and dimension, arcs and swirls and curves!

Cubes IllusionOne thing I think about fairly often is the trick to making a  2-dimensional object appear to have a 3rd dimension.  Such as, with the famous cubes optical illusion, where my flat window hanging has every appearance of being three dimensional. 

I like to try to draw curves that trick the eye into thinking there is actual movement or depth.  Maybe there is a proven technique to doing so, and if so, please enlighten me, but in my playing around I’ve sometimes fluked upon it.  I have a vase design sitting on my table that maybe prove to have this dimension and/or movement to it. I hope so.

But one thing I do know is that if I feel like trying to create movement and depth in my stain glass designs, I’m much more likely to do so after taking some time to appreciate some inspiring photos of smoke.

www.vikking20.deviantart.com      www.101prints.com


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