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Create Day 5 – Cute Bird in the Circle Tree


Thought I’d try something a little more fun and silly today.  I’ve been thinking about cute little blue birds from a couple other projects, so I decided to carry the theme on to a little window hanging.  And what could be wrong with bright red hearts?  Oh, and this is the yellow glass that was oh so popular in my lotus candle holders.


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Dream Day 5 – Circular Motion

14839[1]Wouldn’t this make a lovely stained glass window?  I love this shade of pink, but I’m guessing I wouldn’t want to look at pink all day long, so maybe in frosted clear glass.  Or a colour.  Or different colours.  I like the idea of mostly clear glass, and then a little pop of colour, maybe blue, here and there.  What do you think?  If you have a random idea for me, send me a comment.  I love comments!

PS.  I have enjoyed all your comments SO much lately!  Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on my blog and Damara’s. You warm my heart.

Blue Bird Vase

bluebird1This stunning vase was the product of a quiet weekend at home playing with glass.  What I love is the cute blue bird that has a retro feeling and the fact that all three sides of the vase have a different design.  The black swirls are continuous from one side to the other so there is a great feeling of curving flow about the vase.  The moon above the blue bird is made from mirror, so what you see is the reflection of my patio pavers in the mirror. 

bluebird2    bluebird3

Given the number of curves, this vase was a bit of extra work to solder.  I think that I might try another vase of the same design but use the kiln to tack fuse the curves and bird onto the white background, eliminating some of the solder work. 

What does this mean?  It means that I’m going to venture into the realm of kilns, a whole new learning process.  It’s going to be fantastic.  I’m guessing I’ll be able to post some photos of my kiln experiments and when I’ve completed that, I’ll do up this vase with the kiln and let you decide which method you like better.

bluebird6   bluebird5   bluebird4

A Beautiful Artist Profile

Artist Profile:  A beautiful Article showcasing Damara’s photography talent and my stained glass creations.  Check it out!

group1[6]Roz…a stained glass artist                                         When I think of Roz, I think of someone who is analytical, thoughtful, introspective, courageous, honest, fun, goofy, growing and artistic. She is the opposite of static. I love it. I have known her in a few different capacities and love the direction her art has gone: stained glass…    

Dream Day 4 – Which Sketch is Your Favourite?

sketch2I drew up a few quick sketches of ideas for a stained glass window for my friend Cheryl.  She decided to go with a single oval, in her words “the two circles remind me of boobs or balls” so I totally applaud her decision. Had a good laugh, too!

What interests me the most is that every person who looks at the sketches chooses a different favourite.  It’s a mini celebration of difference of opinion and taste.

I find I gravitate towards the simple and abstract nature of the sketch with three blue nuggets.  Which one do you like best?   


Broken Glass

I guess I knew enough about statistics to know that it’s going to happen to me at some point.  But somehow knowing is not the same as experiencing.  I spent the whole afternoon happily working on such a fantastic project, only to break the glass on the 2nd to last step.  Grrr…. 

Time for a large glass of wine.

Create Day 3 – Large Lotus Candle Holder

Ever since I made the tea light lotus candle holder collection I have dreamed about the same candle holder, but LARGE.  Today I created one nearly a foot across and I am very please with the results.  This is not just a little decoration, it is a table centerpiece.

DSCN0952   DSCN0981


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Dream Day 3 – Nature’s Curves

Majestic treeThese stain glass windows are made by an artist named Todd Lowman who is selling his work on Etsy.  What I love about Todd’s work is that he embraces the beautiful curves of trees and plants in the garden.  This speaks to me on my journey to explore curves.  So much of our home décor is done with distinct square or rectangle shapes, which is great, but I find that so much of one thing is a little overwhelming.  Let’s mix it up a bit by bringing indoors what what nature already celebrates so easily: light, colour, and curves. 

    Tree in the round   Purple happiness

     1,2,3 tree     The big purple     Galaxy

Here is the link to Todd’s Etsy page: Check out his personal profile, I think it’s pretty cool.

Create Day 2 – Art by a 6-year-old

Trevor ArtSo Trevor’s art is now part of our household stained glass collection.  He likes to think of it as an optical illusion.  I like to think of it as modern art.  I also like to think of it as sheer brilliance. 

And I will tell you one thing:  He LOVES it and so do I! 

I’ve got a funny feeling there is going to be a market for this new idea inspired by Trevor.  People can send me a drawing dreamday1done by their child, I’ll turn it into a stained glass window hanging, and memories of childhood, creativity, youth and unrestrained fun can be cherished for years and years into the future.  What could be better?

Oh, and I had so much fun, too!

Dream Day 2 – Smoke Photography: An Appreciation of Curves

www.sensitivelight.comI am very thankful for artists who take amazing photos of smoke.  Smoke must bow to some natural law of beautiful curvature because these photos are stunning and incredibly inspiring.  Oh my! The layers and dimension, arcs and swirls and curves!

Cubes IllusionOne thing I think about fairly often is the trick to making a  2-dimensional object appear to have a 3rd dimension.  Such as, with the famous cubes optical illusion, where my flat window hanging has every appearance of being three dimensional. 

I like to try to draw curves that trick the eye into thinking there is actual movement or depth.  Maybe there is a proven technique to doing so, and if so, please enlighten me, but in my playing around I’ve sometimes fluked upon it.  I have a vase design sitting on my table that maybe prove to have this dimension and/or movement to it. I hope so.

But one thing I do know is that if I feel like trying to create movement and depth in my stain glass designs, I’m much more likely to do so after taking some time to appreciate some inspiring photos of smoke.