Dream Day and Create Day

I spent some very precious time with my friend Damara during spring break chatting about our blog ideas and dreams.  She has a beautiful blog displaying stunning photos from her life and her photography business.  As it turns out,  she has great ideas about how to run a blog that captivates readers, such as, having set days of the week for blog entries.  I really like her idea, so I thought I’d give it a go. 

There are two aspects of working with my stained glass that I really love:  dreaming and creating.  For the dreaming part, it just feels so great to live each day with a purposeful awareness of beauty.  I  find it humorous that normally the littlest, silliest things are beautiful and inspire me.   For the creating part, it’s as if I’m finally using a part of myself that I didn’t quite realize I had.  I get a little gush of joy when I’ve created something beautiful out of nothing.  I normally can’t wait to post pictures on my blog so I can share my joy with my friends and family.

And so, I’ve decided to try to blog twice a week about dreams and creations.  Once, earlier in the week, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, will be Dream Day about something that I found inspiring that week.  And then on Friday I will have Create Day where I can share photos of anything I have created that week. 

Have you found the part of yourself that needs to dream and create, too?  I’d LOVE to post any of your dreams and/or creations, too, so send me a note, maybe together we can inspire all people to find the inner child that dreams and creates, just because it feels good.

I’m excited!  So here goes… Dream Day 1 coming up!

By the way, here is a photo from my friend Damara’s blog; check out her amazing photography!  www.damaramoeblog.com


One response to “Dream Day and Create Day

  1. I love this idea! I love your dreams too!! And am soo honoured by you using my image:) I would love to do a dream post…there is sooo much going on in my head…I loev dreaming and creativity! And it was so refreshing to have you over and talk all about this!

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