Dream Day 1: Inspiration from a 6-year-old

dreamday1It only makes sense to begin my Dream Day Series by posting art created by my 6-year-old son Trevor.  Absolutely no one understands dreaming and creating more than a child.  It’s just in them.  Trevor’s also always the person to run into my hobby room and exclaim with wonder at whatever I’ve created and inform me that it is his “new favourite thing I’ve made”. 

Well, this week he got a little perturbed that what I was making wasn’t for him, so I told him to draw a picture and I’d turn it into a window hanging for him.  Brilliant, hey?  Well, we’ll see if I can pull it off.   That, by the way, it the idea behind a whole gallery of blown glass art at the Tacoma Museum of Glass: kids draw colourful pictures full of life and youth, and the museum selects some to turn into life-size blown glass art.  The art is AMAZING!  I loved it.

Anyhow, Trevor quickly removed himself from my hobby room and was so quiet for the next while that I tiptoed out to see what he was up to.  He was sitting at his desk, so focused in his drawing that I got a little excited and just a little worried about whatever art he had decided to draw.  You never know, it might be difficult.

When he came to show me his drawing, my jaw dropped.  It is beautiful, creative, highly original, and SO MUCH FUN!  He told me it is an optical illusion, to be just like some of my previous glass optical illusions, that is why he wrote o.i. at the top of the page.  

I love it!  Here’s to hoping I can do it justice.  At least I know that whatever I make, he’ll think it’s the best thing ever!


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