I’m Selling Stained Glass on Etsy now!


A few weeks ago I decided to start my very own Etsy shop.  I created a whole bunch of little houses and a new vase (my own designs, I might add) and off I went to the amazing internet.  It took me a few days to figure out the Etsy site along with my own questions such as “What on earth should I do for packaging and shipping?”, but now I’ve gotten all that figured out and my newest creations are FOR SALE!   How crazy is that?  As in, someone I don’t know could actually choose to pay me to make beautiful glass creations. Once again, how crazy is that!  Now I’ll wait and see, and just continue on playing with glass.

Feel free to check out my new Etsy shop:   www.shatteredbylight.etsy.com


Click for Etsy Shop


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