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Dream Day 1: Inspiration from a 6-year-old

dreamday1It only makes sense to begin my Dream Day Series by posting art created by my 6-year-old son Trevor.  Absolutely no one understands dreaming and creating more than a child.  It’s just in them.  Trevor’s also always the person to run into my hobby room and exclaim with wonder at whatever I’ve created and inform me that it is his “new favourite thing I’ve made”. 

Well, this week he got a little perturbed that what I was making wasn’t for him, so I told him to draw a picture and I’d turn it into a window hanging for him.  Brilliant, hey?  Well, we’ll see if I can pull it off.   That, by the way, it the idea behind a whole gallery of blown glass art at the Tacoma Museum of Glass: kids draw colourful pictures full of life and youth, and the museum selects some to turn into life-size blown glass art.  The art is AMAZING!  I loved it.

Anyhow, Trevor quickly removed himself from my hobby room and was so quiet for the next while that I tiptoed out to see what he was up to.  He was sitting at his desk, so focused in his drawing that I got a little excited and just a little worried about whatever art he had decided to draw.  You never know, it might be difficult.

When he came to show me his drawing, my jaw dropped.  It is beautiful, creative, highly original, and SO MUCH FUN!  He told me it is an optical illusion, to be just like some of my previous glass optical illusions, that is why he wrote o.i. at the top of the page.  

I love it!  Here’s to hoping I can do it justice.  At least I know that whatever I make, he’ll think it’s the best thing ever!


Dream Day and Create Day

I spent some very precious time with my friend Damara during spring break chatting about our blog ideas and dreams.  She has a beautiful blog displaying stunning photos from her life and her photography business.  As it turns out,  she has great ideas about how to run a blog that captivates readers, such as, having set days of the week for blog entries.  I really like her idea, so I thought I’d give it a go. 

There are two aspects of working with my stained glass that I really love:  dreaming and creating.  For the dreaming part, it just feels so great to live each day with a purposeful awareness of beauty.  I  find it humorous that normally the littlest, silliest things are beautiful and inspire me.   For the creating part, it’s as if I’m finally using a part of myself that I didn’t quite realize I had.  I get a little gush of joy when I’ve created something beautiful out of nothing.  I normally can’t wait to post pictures on my blog so I can share my joy with my friends and family.

And so, I’ve decided to try to blog twice a week about dreams and creations.  Once, earlier in the week, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, will be Dream Day about something that I found inspiring that week.  And then on Friday I will have Create Day where I can share photos of anything I have created that week. 

Have you found the part of yourself that needs to dream and create, too?  I’d LOVE to post any of your dreams and/or creations, too, so send me a note, maybe together we can inspire all people to find the inner child that dreams and creates, just because it feels good.

I’m excited!  So here goes… Dream Day 1 coming up!

By the way, here is a photo from my friend Damara’s blog; check out her amazing photography!

Spring is here with Spring Flowers Sun catcher!

I’ve got the spring fever!  I’m ready for brighter colours and cheerful flowers. This stained glass sun catcher satisfies both criterion and does it well, if I might add.  I just hung it in the kitchen window and it’s going to inspire me to get into the garden! 


springflowers2   springflowers3

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Purple Lavender Vase

This is the third vase in my curvy vase series.  It’s named by my son Trevor because “mom, it makes me remember that you always put pieces of lavender in your pocket in the summer so you can keep smelling it all day”.  This purple glass really does make me think of lavender, too.  I look at the vase and immediately feel calm.


vase4     vase2    vase3

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Blue Swirl Vase

I finished another vase for my vase series.  This one is my favourite yet: beautiful, and a little bit playful.  I think this is the recipe for vase designs that makes me happy.  I’ve got three other vase designs on the go, so after I get back from Spring Break I’ll post some more.


vase2     vase3

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I’m Selling Stained Glass on Etsy now!


A few weeks ago I decided to start my very own Etsy shop.  I created a whole bunch of little houses and a new vase (my own designs, I might add) and off I went to the amazing internet.  It took me a few days to figure out the Etsy site along with my own questions such as “What on earth should I do for packaging and shipping?”, but now I’ve gotten all that figured out and my newest creations are FOR SALE!   How crazy is that?  As in, someone I don’t know could actually choose to pay me to make beautiful glass creations. Once again, how crazy is that!  Now I’ll wait and see, and just continue on playing with glass.

Feel free to check out my new Etsy shop:


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