Raspberry Ripple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Oooh, this is pretty.  I couldn’t have been more happy while making this custom request for my sister.  The rose coloured glass is so gorgeous!  Two curves of this rose glass sweeping through a rippled white vase3background make me think of a bowl full of raspberry ripple vanilla bean ice cream (does that exist?  It should!).  I think this vase is almost too pretty for flowers.

It will be beautiful on a shelf, on a table or even better, in a window where the sun can shine in, making these rose curves radiate and the swirls in the white glass glow with a subtle quietness. As I was putting the final coating of wax on the vase, the sun shone in the window for a brief second and I was stunned by the brilliance of this rose glass in sunlight.  It is stunningly beautiful. Or as my sister says “my favourite glass ever”. 


4 responses to “Raspberry Ripple Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

  1. this is really beautiful. i agree…definately needs to be by a window area…

  2. Do these vases actually hold water? They are so beautiful I can’t imagine that I would ever actually use them other than to look at them. Your creativity leaves me in awe!

  3. Between this one and the blue waves I can’t pick a favourite, they are all so beautiful!

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