Stained Glass Lamp

lampThis is my first lamp, and I have to say, I’ve kind of impressed myself.

The design is from a library book that I forgot the name of, but I guess I should look it up.  The lamp in the book was done in a terrible mashed-up mess of colours, but what jumped out at me were the graceful curves. Like flowing lava. 

These curves needed to be shown off with simple white glass. Oddly enough, my living room also begged me for a beautiful lamp in white glass.  Now my living room is purring contentedly, happy to finally have one lamp with a beautiful shade (or is that my cat purring?)

I’m really proud of it. I think it looks professionally done and  I want to make another one.  Right away.  Takers, anyone?


6 responses to “Stained Glass Lamp

  1. this is GORGEOUS!!! Wow! Um…yes…I will be a taker. I would like something nice and romanticish for my bedroom:)

  2. Thank, Damara! Yes, let’s do up a drawing, and we’ll make your bedroom so happy, too.

  3. Roz, your mom told me about your website when I spoke with her the other day. Your work is gorgeous!

  4. OOooo, I LOVE it Roz! You have got quite the hidden talents!

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