Monthly Archives: January 2011

Stained Glass Lamp

lampThis is my first lamp, and I have to say, I’ve kind of impressed myself.

The design is from a library book that I forgot the name of, but I guess I should look it up.  The lamp in the book was done in a terrible mashed-up mess of colours, but what jumped out at me were the graceful curves. Like flowing lava. 

These curves needed to be shown off with simple white glass. Oddly enough, my living room also begged me for a beautiful lamp in white glass.  Now my living room is purring contentedly, happy to finally have one lamp with a beautiful shade (or is that my cat purring?)

I’m really proud of it. I think it looks professionally done and  I want to make another one.  Right away.  Takers, anyone?


Little Houses

3houses  2houses

Sometimes it makes sense to spend hours chatting over a Japanese hotpot meal.  These adorable little houses were my husband’s brainchild as we shared one such meal at a restaurant downtown.   My brain immediately started spinning on the possibilities, and one month later I had created dozens of these little homes.  One little house by itself is very cute, but when I put three together I have the perfect gift.  They look amazing in front of the window but I’ve also constructed some to hold a battery tea light, and others to hold a mini Christmas light.  They are also very cute hanging on the Christmas tree with mini lights inside them.  I really enjoy making them because I can play with so many different combinations of glass.


Lotus Candle

lotuscandleI love the simplicity and gracefulness of the lotus flower, so I decided to make a lotus candle holder, based on a candle holder I bought a few years ago.  This orange glass is stunning with fine lines etched into the smooth surface, but I think this holder would look good in any colour of glass.  I plan to find out, especially seeing as I broke this one yesterday.  That was not exactly the idea I had when I named my blog “shattered by light”.  My young son cried because he ‘loves that one so much, mom’, so I promised to make many more.  I’d better go get started.

Blossom Window

Last winter I painted my kitchen cupboards creamy white and bought new countertops. The results were amazing, but the kitchen needed a focal point, so I designed this custom stained glass window insert for one set of cupboards.  The blue glass has a gorgeous mauve and green glimmer at some angles, but I’m still planning to install a light behind the window for added effect.  I’m so happy with this window, I can’t wait to make more!


Bird Bath


This bird bath looks rustic from a distance but offers a pleasant surprise as I approach.  Simple curving lines made with mixed smalti (opaque glass tiles) are framed with larger pieces of mirror.  The mirror is especially beautiful in the garden because the trees and sky are reflected from all different angles.  Sometimes the sun even reflects off the mirror into my family room, creating an assortment of rainbows all over the ceiling.



I’m quite fond of this silly little snowflake. It looks great in the window or on the Christmas tree.  I initially planned to make a whole group of these snowflakes for my living room window for Christmas, but I kept thinking of people who would love them and gave them away as fast as I could make them.  If you received one, it was made with love, and if you’d like one, let me know!


Sun and Moon Mosaic

I love my sun and moon mosaic!  It’s the crowning glory of my eating area as it fills the whole sill of my garden window.  It’s even stunning from outside when I walk by on the patio.  I love looking at it.   The sun is designed by myself, with a little input from my sister, and the moon design is from a beautiful book Mosaic art and style: designs for living environments by JoAnn Locktov. 



Abstract Heart

I found this heart pattern online and decided it would make the greatest mother’s day gift for my mom.  I felt exactly like a kindergarten kid giving mom a paper craft I made at school, but my mom loved it, of course.


Colourful Birdhouse

birdhouseside2This brilliant birdhouse is keeping my back yard so cheerful this winter where it’s visible from my kitchen window.  It’s built from scratch, using the safe nesting guidelines for our local nuthatches, so hopefully it will have a new little resident this coming spring. 

birdhousefront        birdhouseside1

Optical Illusions

I was excited to begin a stained glass lamp shade during my Christmas holidays, however buying the perfect glass proved to be futile with the glass store closed for the week.  I decided to design a new window ornament using glass from my random supply, when a light bulb went off in my head.  My fabulous new idea was to celebrate my geeky side by making famous optical illusions out of glass. It’s ingenious!  The perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for intellectual friend, or in my case, husband.  As it turned out, he LOVED my Escher’s waterfall, where the water seems to be going up as well as coming down.  More to come soon…